We understand that by using vCard services, you have entrusted us with your information. We will work hard to ensure that your data is protected. The following outlines the policy on how we will manage your information.


The phone number and e-mail address that you provide during the registration process will be strictly private and will not be revealed to any other users.

My Info & vCard Sharing

Information you provide when setting up My Info belongs to you. You can setup various vCards to contain specific and relevant information pertaining to the profile you would like that vCard to represent. When you share the vCard to a user that you wish to link with, only the information contained in that shared vCard are revealed to that user. That user will only see your information when the link request is completed, with the user also sharing one of his vCards with you. All of your other information will not be visible the user at all times.

Sale or Distribution of Data

We will not sell or share your data with any external party.

Data Collection

We will request for access to your device’s local address book data in order to provide a one-stop access and management of your contacts from within the vCard mobile application. However, we will not collect, backup or store your local address book data on our servers. If you were to lose your local address book, vCard will not be able to provide you a copy as we do not have it. You are advised to make backups of your local address book using features available on your device or any third-party solutions.

We collect diagnostic and performance information related to how you use our services as well as any crash analytics and logs.

We collect certain device-specific information such as the hardware device make and model, operating system and version, device language, browser information, device identifiers and IP address, as permitted by your device’s security permissions. These information allow our service to provide you with an optimum user experience such as localisation and relevant functionalities suitable for your device and operating system platform.

We may receive payment information from the various app stores or any other third parties payment providers in the event you pay for any of our services. For information on what information we receive, please contact the relevant app stores and payment providers.

We may use cookies when providing our services, especially with services that are web-based.


Any photos or images that you use in your vCards are stored on our server. The relevant photo you assign to a vCard will be shared to your linked contact when you share that vCard with them. Any other photo not shared will not be available to your linked contacts. We do not provide your photos to any external parties. If you remove or replace a photo, the old photo will no longer be available on our server. As a result, we will not be able to recover it for you should you need it.

Marketing and Information

We will not use your data for any direct marketing campaign. Any marketing or promotional material that you may receive on the phone number or e-mail address you used during registration will not be from us even if it may claim to be so. Please kindly contact us immediately if you encounter such situations. Any communication from us will be through the vCard mobile application.


We will not initiate contact with you. We will not contact you to solicit any information, personal or otherwise, from you. Most importantly, we will not contact you to solicit any form of money or financial awards. You may support us by purchasing our premium services through the vCard mobile application. If you suspect or encounter any potential fraud, please kindly contact us immediately.

Legal Requirements

Although we will not voluntarily share or provide your data with any external parties, we may submit to requests for data about you from the relevant authorities under a valid court mandate in accordance to the relevant laws.